Anticipation for Narcissus Sunday: “It will be a true folk festival”

Anticipation for Narcissus Sunday: “It will be a true folk festival”
It is picked diligently in the Ausseer Land.
Image: Narcissus Club

Small bouquets of star daffodils can already be seen in the shop windows in Bad Aussee. The town center is being prepared, and numerous volunteers are already busy picking the daffodils for the artistic figures on the daffodil meadows in Ausseerland. Schools are also actively involved in this year’s Daffodil Festival and support the clubs to collect enough daffodil blossoms in good time.

It is a true folk festival atmosphere that will characterize the Ausseerland in the coming days, says Rudolf Grill, President of the Narzissenfestverein. “Especially on Sunday, the audience can expect many highlights in the town center. First, there are the daffodil figures. On the other hand, this year there are fascinating street artists who are known worldwide and will delight the audience with their talents. There’s even a fire eater”says Grill.

Parking with shuttle service

The weather conditions for the coming days are according to the organizers “precisely. Light rain is forecast for the late afternoon on Sunday, but that will certainly change and we are convinced that it will last”says the Daffodil Festival Association President.

As in the previous year, in 2023 only one place – namely Bad Aussee – will be the focus of the Narcissus celebrations. “We noticed that moving and driving back and forth was very stressful for the visitors. Therefore we stay only in the center of Bad Aussee”says Grill. The only downside: the popular boat parade is cancelled. “Without a lake it would be a bit difficult. But he’ll be back next year when we celebrate at Grundlsee.”

For those arriving by car for the festival Sunday, there are sufficient parking spaces at the entrance to the town. The town center is only a few minutes’ walk away, and a shuttle service is also available to visitors.

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