Police receive e-scooters for civilian service areas

Police receive e-scooters for civilian service areas

Image: APA/dpa/Christoph Soeder

“You shouldn’t imagine police-branded scooters with uniformed colleagues on the street,” said a written statement from the Interior Ministry on a report by the “Kurier” (Friday edition). The state police departments had used the e-scooters in a test operation, and now the field reports were being collected and evaluated.

20 scooters in test operation

“Based on the knowledge gained from this, a decree is being drawn up that will regulate the use of e-scooters in the police service. The need (in terms of the exact number) will be determined in the area of ​​the state police departments and only then will the number of devices per federal state be decided ‘ the ministry confirmed. According to “Kurier”, around 20 scooters were used in test operations in Vienna.

E-cars for the police service?

The Austrian executive will also test e-cars for their suitability for police service from the fourth quarter of 2023. Next Monday, 23 electric cars for the project will be handed over to the police in Vienna, according to an invitation from the Ministry of the Interior on Friday.

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