The Port of Montevideo moved 18% more containers in May than in 2022

The Port of Montevideo moved 18% more containers in May than in 2022

It was confirmed by the president of the ANP, Juan Curbelo. He admitted that there is “a very strong impact” from the Paraguayan cargo.

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The president of the National Administration of Ports (ANP), Juan Curbelo, assured that during the month of May there was a 18% year-over-year increase in the movement of containers in the Port of Montevideo, in a context of sharp drop in exports, according to the latest data from Uruguay XXI.

Yes ok curbelo admitted a decrease in the first months of 2023, he highlighted in a dialogue with Radio Carve that today they recovered “practically the same levels of activity” as in 2022. For this to happen, he highlighted the “very strong impact” represented by the transit of cargo Paraguayan, of which Uruguay mobilizes almost 100%, he completed.

The head of the ANP admitted that “we closed May with a container movement record”, when pondering the year-on-year increase of 18%. In addition, he valued that 55% of the cargo is from other countries, different from what happens in countries like Chile and Brazil, where they move national loads.

When forecasting the movement of this 2023, he recalled that in 2022, in addition to the Paraguayan cargo, the Port of Montevideo mobilized a record number last year, with more than one million TEUS —each one equivalent to a 20-foot container— and He predicted that this year they may be a little less.

Curbelo responded to criticism from the UEU for port costs

On the other hand, the president of the ANP spoke about the critics of the President of the Union of Exporters of Uruguay (UEU), Facundo Márquez, who considered that port costs are up to four times more expensive than in Chile and Brazil. “If we focus only on the tariff point of view, things can be said that, in my opinion, are not real,” he considered.

For curbelo, “rates are an element to take into account, but it is not the only one”, although he recognized a position aligned with the UEU, stating that “the more competitive we are and the better the service we provide, the better the impact on the national economy and our exports”.

When doing this analysis, he asked to “value what we have.” In this sense, he highlighted that Uruguay has “a very important movement” in the Port of Montevideo and stressed that “there is much more work than in other years.”

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