Due to insecurity, Pereira believes that Heber should step aside

Due to insecurity, Pereira believes that Heber should step aside

Fernando Pereira joined the criticism of Caroline Cosse and referred to the administration of Luis Alberto Heber ensuring that the plan to combat insecurity in the Uruguaypresented by the Interior portfolio, did not work since there were doubtful deaths and record homicides last year, which is why he asked the minister to step aside from his duties.

“People are disappointed because they told them about 50,000 homes and they do not arrive; because they told him that recess was over and between dubious deaths and homicides last year there were records and this year it is on the same escalation,” said the president of the main opposition party at a press conference during the Broad Front Plenary.

Pereira delved into the issue of security and remarked that homicides are increasingly violent, where dismembered and burned bodies appear, adding that, paradoxically, “Minister Heber brought a plan to Lacalle more than a year ago and As a result, homicides increase.”.

The president of the FA specified that he believes that “The time has come for the minister to step aside” although he assured that the party is not asking for that but that “when there is a failure of this size, ministers often have to assess whether it is not the best time to leave”.

A few days ago, the Minister of the Interior announced homicides dropped “almost 50%” in May compared to the number of these crimes that occurred during the same month of 2022. Faced with this, Pereira established that “he who believes Heber’s numbers is more of a believer than me, who believes in God. People are realizing that there are security problems that are huge. We in the government also underestimated this and it cost us dearly because it is a problem of coexistence”.

Cosse’s criticisms

The Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, questioned the government’s criticism of the broad front for the management of insecurity and pointed out that “It’s been four years since they’ve gotten one” in the face of a sensitive problem and that keeps Uruguay in a state of concern.

In that line, Cosse He considered that “we must stop talking and do”, after which he anticipated that this Monday he will send a letter to the Ministry of Interior, from where they remembered that homicides dropped by 50%. In the letter he will count “all the places where cameras are needed”, although he clarified that they will not be useful if later at the police station “they say they do not have personnel or mobile phones.”

Cosse He stated at a press conference that the security problem “is so serious that it is always time to start.” Referring to the statistics, he detailed: “Do we have a homicide every other day? It’s nonsense. You have to stop talking and doing, with real actions ”.

When expediting on the government’s criticism of the FA for security management, he said: “I don’t know how they’re not ashamed to say that. Now they have been in government for almost four years. They have had four years of opportunity to do”. And he reversed the charge by targeting the ruling party. “Let’s assume that we did everything wrong. But it’s been four years since they’ve been getting one, ”he criticized. In addition, he expressed: “With a direction that does not exist, because they said they had such a security strategy and I have not seen any change of direction.”

When asked about the multi-party group that called the Ministry of Interior to outline common strategies to combat crime, the mayor of Montevideo considered that the initiative “is not enough.” And then she pointed out: “It is not enough to talk. I want action in the best sense. Not that they are going to persecute fragile people, like the one who is washing cars in the street to earn a living.”

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