Passers-by extinguished the embankment fire in Pregarten

Passers-by extinguished the embankment fire in Pregarten
The forces of the Pregarten fire brigade carried out post-extinguishing work.
Photo: www.fotokerschi.at | Schartner

The Pregarten, Selker-Neustadt and Pregartsdorf fire brigades were alerted at around 5:15 p.m., but by the time they got to the scene, they didn’t have too much work to do: passers-by who had noticed the embankment fire had already used fire extinguishers themselves. They were able to contain the flames in time and prevent the fire from spreading.

The Pregarten fire brigade took over the post-extinguishing work and checked the affected area with a thermal imaging camera to ensure that there were no hidden embers that could ignite again.

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