workers took over the iconic castle to ask for a raise

workers took over the iconic castle to ask for a raise

The employees ask for an increase of 200 euros in their salary. Faced with the company’s refusal, they entered the Sleeping Beauty Castle and waved the flags to demand answers.

Thousands of park workers Disney multinational in Paris they began forceful measures to demand a salary increase and labor benefits in the context of the increase in inflation in France. During one of the mobilizations carried out in the last hours, employees entered Sleeping Beauty Castle and waved flags to demand that their demands be answered.

The central streets of the park Disney Land Paris, where weeks ago he was visiting lionel mandssi along with his family, were taken over by the workers and leaders of the country’s trade unions, to the surprise of the visitors who expected to meet famous characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and their friends but finally witnessed the labor demands of employees demanding that the company provide a response to the rising cost of living.

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The workers managed to access the Sleeping Beauty Castle and waved the flags in demand for the salary increase.

As reported by the French site RTL, more than a thousand employees accompany the wage claim in which they ask for an increase of 200 euros. In addition, they request that working hours be discussed in pursuit of greater flexibility and that the salary of those who work on Sundays be increased, according to Forbes magazine.

According to the videos that went viral this weekend, the main street of the park brought together more than a thousand workers with banners and chants, who advanced to the entrance of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Once there they managed to enter and gain access to one of the balconies, from where the flags of the largest trade union center (CGT) waved, which supported the claim.


Strike at Disneyland Paris

In recent weeks there have been a total of four demonstrations including a strike within the park. The unions confirmed that this Tuesday there will be a new mobilization.

In a statement, the company DisneyLand Paris informed visitors that in the face of the situation they will be able to claim the money or request a date change. “Exceptionally, dated tickets can be exchanged or refunded, free of charge, up to the day of your visit. If you have booked paid services in addition to your access to the Disney parks […] they will be reimbursed upon request….”, they reported.


The strike initiated by the employees began in mid-May and escalated after the company refused to receive them. In the last week it reached its peak of greatest impact when it moved to the different shows that take place in the park. To the visitors, the workers handed out brochures printed in six languages ​​with the legend: “We’re sorry we spoiled your ‘Magic Day’ at Disneyland Paris. We encourage you to go to City Hall for a refund.”

In 2009, employees faced a wage freeze with a series of strikes that spanned more than three years.

Specialized sources say that the park will be 30 years old in September amid a growth in its income as a result of the opening of new shows and the Avengers Campus. The CEO of the company, Bob Iger, pointed out months ago that “Avengers Campus has been a resounding success in its first year. “ In addition, the value of the tickets increased, as well as the prices of lodgings and merchandise sold within the park.


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