How were the final fuel prices composed after the drop?

How were the final fuel prices composed after the drop?

Ancap presented data on how the amounts to the consumer are constituted after the reduction in diesel and gasoline.

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Following a drop in the fuel rate announced by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) for the current month of June, with a reduction of 4 pesos in the liter of diesel and 2 pesos in gasoline, ancap informed how the final prices of the diesel 50Sthe super 95 gasolineand the supergas (or LPG —liquefied petroleum gas—) paid by the final consumer, according to Decree 150/023.

The maximum retail price for diesel was established at 52.99 pesos per liter, where 14.82 pesos correspond to taxes and fees (CO2; Fudaee; Imesi; VAT Freight; IM Rates; Ursea), 8.58 pesos to marketing, and 29.59 pesos to Ancap income. He Import Parity Price (PPI) per liter was 3.99 pesos below the income of Ancap, standing at 25.60 pesos.

For Super 95 gasoline, the maximum price in force since June 1 for the public is 69.89 pesos per liter, where 32.47 pesos belong to taxes and fees, 11.18 pesos to marketing, and 26.24 pesos to Ancap’s own income. The PPI defined by the ursea it was 30.13 pesos, leaving the income of the autonomous entity 3.89 pesos below it.

The supergas will have a maximum price of 73.35 pesos per kilo

In the breakdown of bottled supergas, with a maximum price of 73.35 pesos per kilo, 13.30 pesos correspond to taxes and fees, 36.93 pesos to marketing, and 23.12 belong to Ancap’s income. Here the income of the state company was 11.10 pesos below the PPI, which was 34.22 pesos.


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The price of diesel is made up of 28% fees and taxes, 16% for marketing, and 56% for Ancap’s income. In Super gasoline, the figure is 48% for taxes and fees, 16% for marketing, and 38% for Ancap income. In supergas, 19% corresponds to taxes and fees, 50% to commercialization, and the remaining 31% to the income of the state company.

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