Children’s Theater Braunau attracts with five performances

Children’s Theater Braunau attracts with five performances
Pippi is also a guest.
Image: Christian Pichler

Guests are the actors of the theaters Schneck & Co, Piccolo, Tabor, Theater des Kinds and Asou. They each have a performance with them that is suitable for children from three, four or five years of age. The Schneck & Co theater will start with the play “Die Omama im Apfelbaum”, which will take place on October 14th and is suitable for children from the age of five.

On November 11, the Theatro Piccolo travels to Braunau and shows “Wedel und Krebsenspeck”, a play for children from around four years of age. In Advent Pippi is a guest in Braunau, the Tabor Theater performs the work “Pippi plunders the Christmas tree”. All children from the age of five can accompany Pippi at her looting festival. The program also includes the play “Ping, Pong Penguin” by the Asou Theater (from around four years of age) and “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse” by the Theater des Kinder (from around three years of age).

The performances are each on a Saturday at 3 p.m. in the event center in Braunau. Subscriptions can already be ordered, tickets for all performances for the price of four.

  • theater subscriptions can be completed at the town hall in Färbergasse, which can be reached on 07722/808232 or by email to [email protected]

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