Lacalle Pou valued the work of previous governments at the inauguration of UPM 2

Lacalle Pou valued the work of previous governments at the inauguration of UPM 2

The president said that the development of the forestry sector in Uruguay has an accumulation of several decades and different administrations.

Photo: MIEM

President Luis Lacalle Pou led the formal inauguration of the new plant UPM Paso de los Toros (better known as PSU 2) in Pueblo Centenario, department of Peach. There, the Head of State positively valued the work of previous governments, since he stressed that the development of the forestry sector, and the very realization of the new work, respond to several decades ago.

Lacalle Pou recalled that from 1987 to date the forestry chain has been driven by the intervention of different governments from all parties. He, in turn, described the 1992 Ports Law as “milestones”, during the government of his father, the former president Luis Alberto Lacalle Herreraand the investment protection treaty with Finland during the administration of Colorado Jorge Batlle.

“Governments in Uruguaywith different sensitivities, nuances, impulses and ideologies, do not have refoundational complexes, that generates trust”, highlighted the president and added that “there is constitution, laws and contracts that will always be respected“.

Likewise, the hierarch pointed out that the Constitution is attached to environmental care, based on pollution mitigation procedures. In turn, he assured that, at the industrial level, Uruguay thinks of the new generations when proposing a sustainability model.

UPM 2 is the largest productive investment in history

The minister of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), Omar Paganinihighlighted that the institutional conditions of Uruguay made possible the reality of UPM 2, the largest productive investment in the history of the country, consuming a total of $3.47 billion.

The new plant has the capacity to produce 2.1 million tons of pulp from 7 million cubic meters of wood. At the same time, generates 7,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect, contributing $290 million in monthly take-home pay, and impacting 3.4% on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with 280 million dollars in taxes, and 1,900 million dollars in terms of exports.

Words by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini

Source: Ambito

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