Pick it yourself or in a cup: the 2023 strawberry season has begun

Pick it yourself or in a cup: the 2023 strawberry season has begun

The fifth season for fruit growers in the region has begun: the strawberry season. Numerous fields for picking yourself have already opened, the rest will follow in the coming days.

Gerhard Wiesmeier from Biohof Wiesmeier in Holzhausen is extremely satisfied with this year’s quality: “Many people believe that strawberries need it to be as warm and dry as possible. They love temperatures that are not too hot and enough rainfall.” According to the organic farmer, the changeable conditions that are predicted for this week are perfect: “It rains regularly, but at the same time they get enough sun. That is very good for the taste.”

Four more weeks of strawberry happiness

The start of the season was delayed by around a week this year, but Wiesmeier was finally able to open last Thursday. In terms of yield, he expects a good year: “There has been no hail or major storms, now the harvest should quickly ‘break up’.”

The Wiesmayr family from the Meindlhumerhof in Scharten sells their fruit directly from the farm, not to pick it yourself. “That’s why we’ve been harvesting for three weeks. We can use other cultivation methods, which means the fruit ripens earlier,” says Rudolf Wiesmayr. He expects the season to last another four weeks.

The strawberry garden Voraberger in Hofkirchen an der Trattnach welcomes berry lovers from Thursday. “That’s quite normal, we’re always a week behind the Eferdingers and Welsers,” says farmer Gerald Voraberger.

The weather was also good for his harvest, special plants thrive in the fields in the village of Regnersdorf: “We have an old variety that tastes like wild strawberries. Hardly anyone plants it anymore because the fruits are a bit softer and therefore more sensitive “, says Voraberger.

The prices per kilo differ depending on the product: The organic berries from Biohof Wiesmeier cost 5.50 euros per kilo you pick yourself, and 9.50 euros in a cup. The old varieties in the Voraberger strawberry garden in Hofkirchen cost 5.50 or 8.40 euros per kilo. At the Meindlhumerhof in Scharten, a kilogram currently costs 8 euros in the farm shop.

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