SPÖ debacle: The funniest videos on the net

SPÖ debacle: The funniest videos on the net
“Wos sull dos?” Alex Kristan asks himself once again as Hans Krankl.
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Actually a tragic comedy per se, the turmoil surrounding the election of the new SPÖ chairman is a treat for satirists. The internet is full of mocking posts and parodies under the hashtag #SPÖ these days – we present three videos worth seeing here. So the Linz music cabaret artist “Blonde angel“packed the election debacle into a moody song. “A change at the top of the party often happens in Excel these days,” he sings, for example – but listen for yourself:

To analyze the red debacle is cabaret artist Alex Kristan slipped into one of his signature roles. “Does SPÖ stand for ‘Satire Project Austria’,” he asks himself as “Golador” Hans Krankl, stunned. In the video, which has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times since Monday, he wonders what the three letters actually stand for and recommends a renaming to Hans Peter Doskozil.

Even the nation’s most poignant voice actors, the cabaret duo Peter Hörmanseder and Robert Stachel alias Maschektook the opportunity to discuss the turbulent SPÖ party conference and its consequences again in the current episode of “Welcome Austria” – with an unexpected result:

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