Nova Rock: Ski star Dominik Paris “was not prepared for that”

Nova Rock: Ski star Dominik Paris “was not prepared for that”
The Italian Super-G world champion Dominik Paris is a self-confessed metal fan.

On Wednesday, the Italian ski star Dominik Paris mingled with the visitors – a self-confessed metal fan. “I’ve wanted to go to a festival for a long time, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to,” he said. “And I wasn’t prepared for something like that.”

With this, the 2019 Super-G World Champion alluded to the initially rather muddy conditions brought on by the long downpour. At least he got rubber boots. “I thought that I would come here and the weather would be nice,” smiled the athlete. The fact that Nova Rock was his festival debut is also due to the tight training program of the Italian, who has to prepare for the coming winter season in the summer. “But now I had the opportunity and I am very happy about the invitation.”

Skistar plans own CD

Above all, the headliner of the first festival day, the US metal band Slipknot, was drawn to Paris. “I’ve missed you until now,” said the 34-year-old, who sings in a band himself. With his group Rise of Voltage he just finished seven new songs. “Now we’re trying to make a new CD. Maybe it’ll be ready next year.” But he doesn’t see himself on a nova rock stage that quickly, Paris denied with a laugh, that’s a bit too big.

In any case, metal doesn’t only work for him during training. “Actually, I listen to metal all year round,” Paris grinned. “Unless I’m alone with my wife, then there’s radio.” Is he the exception with his musical preference in the ski circus? “In my hardness, I’m probably one of the few. Maybe there are a few among the boys.”

In any case, the professional athlete is only honored with the Nova Rock for one day – in this respect he does not have the somewhat dubious pleasure of spending the night in a tent. “I’m well accommodated. It would be an experience to camp here for four days. But after so many years, when you’re traveling the world, you’re used to sleeping in a fresh bed and freshly showered.”

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