Rain of criticism from the Senate to Gustavo Penadés after his impeachment

Rain of criticism from the Senate to Gustavo Penadés after his impeachment

After the Senate confirmed this noon the impeachment of the senator Gustavo Penades in the framework of his investigation for sexual abuse of minors, the barrage of criticism from legislators of all parties to the now ex-member of the National Party (PN) Do not be late.

The PN senator, sebastian da silvadescribed in a press conference as a “filth” to the “complex episode” in which Penadés finds himself. The white legislator went further and said that “When human beings deviate and have no limits, they can reach any circumstance“.

In turn, he assured that “it is very difficult to be objective“after reading the document sent by the prosecutor in the case, Alicia Ghioneto Parliament, and that “you have to put your chest to the bullets”, and be able to “take advantage of this terrible situation so that there is awareness that some things happen”.

Along the same lines, given the fact that shocks everyone Uruguay, the senator of broad front (FA), Silvia Nanesaid that Penadés’ statement about it did not allow him to be treated as a pedophile due to his sexual orientation, leta cloak of doubtabout the LGTBIQ+ community.

It’s going to take us a long time to recover from that.of that community that is now under the magnifying glass”, said the senator in relation to that “mean” statement that Penadés used as “a kind of defense”.

The senator of Colorado Party (pc), Adrian Penacommented that it is “a difficult moment”, due to the “trajectory” of the person who is involved, but that “We are facing serious and difficult eventsand that frames the decision” made by Parliament.

The lobbyist Domenech said he does not want to “condemn” Penadés “without proof”

The senator of Town meeting (AC), Guillermo Domenech, he assured not to wantcondemnto Penadeswithout proof“, since, he understands, he has been “thumbs down” socially without respecting his “principle of innocence”.

The lobbyist legislator assured that he “repudiates” crimes of a sexual nature, but that the Senate cannot be asked “to support certain statements that are not supported.”

In his exhibition, Domenech said that the first public accusation against Penadés for sexual exploitation arose froma character of dubious reputation“, referring to the PN militant, Romina Celeste Papasso.

Given these statements, Papasso responded to Domenech from his Twitter account. “dinosaurs are going away“, shot in reference to the lobbyist. Likewise, described the senator from CA asa being full of hate and darkness defender of criminals“.

Source: Ambito

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