the Broad Front leads the Multicolor Coalition by 3%

the Broad Front leads the Multicolor Coalition by 3%

According to a new Opción Consultores survey, political preferences remain stable ahead of the 2024 elections.

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A new Opción Consultores survey revealed that the broad front (FA) leads by 3% in intention to vote to the Multicolor Coalition facing the general elections of 2024. With this panorama, the political preferences of Uruguayans have shown to remain stable, heading towards the next democratic appointment.

When asked which party they would vote for if the elections were held tomorrow, the 42% of those consulted answered that it would be the FA, a 30% said he would vote for National Party (PN), a 4% to the Colorado Party (pc), other 4% to Town meeting (AC), and a 1% to the independent party (PI), giving the government alliance a total of 39% of intentions.

Another of the opposing forces, such as the Intransigent Radical Ecologist Party (PERI) met the 1% of intention to vote, while the sum of the rest of the parties gathered another 1%. Undecided voters reached 11%; while those who will vote annulled or blank 6%.


Graphic: Consultants Option

These figures show a certain correlation with those obtained by the consultant in May of last year, when the FA presented an intention to vote for the 41%and the Multicolor Coalition also of the 41%, in a virtual tie. However, they vary somewhat from the May 2021 scenario, when the Multicolor Coalition had a 43% of voting intention vs. 3. 4% of the FA.

In the breakdown of the May 2021 survey, there was the particularity that the PN was only 1% below the FA, while the CA and the PC also registered greater sympathy among voters.

The Multicolor Coalition would beat the FA with the projection of undecided

In turn, and when cross-examining the undecided, the consultant found that with the projection of this group on the final results, the figures become different. In this scenario, all the parties grow, except the PI, but the growth of the FA is not enough to retain first place.

With undecided projections, the Multicolor Coalition reaches 45% of the votes compared to 44% of the FA. In the breakdown, the PN goes to 34%, the PC to 5%, CA to 5%, and the PI remains at 1%. In another order, PERI reaches 2%, the sum of the other parties at 1%, those canceled go to 3%, and those who continue without being able to define their vote at 5%.


Graphic: Consultants Option

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