The oldest resident of Linz is 106 years old

The oldest resident of Linz is 106 years old
Deputy Mayor Karin Hörzing congratulated Anna Riha on her birthday.
Image: City of Linz/Dworschak

Anna Riha, who lives in the Sonnenhof Lenaupark, celebrated her special birthday with her closest family, making her the oldest in Linz.

Born in Kaplice (German: Kaplitz), she came to Linz at a young age. Riha, who worked for the City of Linz for many years as an employee, had to raise her two children alone after the early death of her husband.

“Ms. Riha can proudly look back on a long and eventful life. She and her generation experienced the most tragic times in Austrian history. At the same time, it was people like her who rebuilt Austria from the rubble and who thus did the republic and its inhabitants an immeasurable service”, Mayor Klaus Luger and Deputy Mayor Karin Hörzing congratulated the current oldest citizen of the city.

Congratulations already at the 20th anniversary

Already on the day before she turned 106, Anna Riha was happy to receive many well-wishers. They didn’t all come because of her, because the Sonnenhof Lenaupark nursing home, where the oldest Linzer lives, was celebrating its 20th anniversary.

While in 1999 the public authorities still had plans to liquidate the Sonnenhof am Freinberg organisation, a second location was negotiated shortly afterwards. In the meantime, the Sonnenhof Lenaupark – a house of the city of Linz, run by the Vinzenzgemeinschaft Holy Family – has become an indispensable pillar in the area of ​​care and support.

“We are a large family with currently 90 employees, five regular home students and 35 volunteers,” said home manager Michael Santer.

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