Francisco spent the night well and is still hospitalized

Francisco spent the night well and is still hospitalized

Pope Francis had a good night, according to a Vatican statement. Medical recovery will last between 5 and 7 days.

He Pope Francisco86 years old, spent the night “fine” after being operated this Wednesday of the abdomen for almost three hours to avoid a intestinal obstruction. This was reported by Vatican.

“Night went well”indicated a brief Vatican communiqué on the pontiff’s health who is recovering from the operation on the 10th floor of the Gemelli hospital in Rome.

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Francisco, who just finished yesterday the operation carried out with general anesthesia was already awake, conscious and making jokeswill be hospitalized a few days to recover of the operation for which a mesh was placed on the abdomen to help close scars from previous medical interventions that threatened to cause a obstruction in the intestine.

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Anyway, “for prevention”, the Holy See canceled all audiences scheduled until June 18including a meeting with about 30 Nobel Peace Prize winners scheduled for this Saturday in Plaza San Pedro.

“The Holy Father is fine, he is awake, he is conscious and he even made his first joke: when will the third operation be?”raised late on Wednesday.

Recovery of Pope Francis

Sergio Alfieri, director of the Department of Abdominal and Endocrine Metabolic Medical and Surgical Sciences, operated on the Pope on this occasion and also in July 2021 for diverticular stenosis.

The postoperative period will last several days.reported the Holy See Press Office, and Alfieri explained that for an operation like the one he suffered yesterday “between 5 and 7 days” of convalescence are usually necessarybut being a 86 year old patient all will be taken precautions.

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