How the investigation against Gustavo Penadés continues after the lawlessness

How the investigation against Gustavo Penadés continues after the lawlessness

After the unanimous vote of the Senate, it is the turn of the declaration of the victims. They can sentence him to up to 12 years in prison.

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After the Senate unanimously voted the impeachment of Gustavo Penades, begins the judicial course of the investigation for sexual abuse of minors, that would have as a first measure the advance declaration of the victims, something that was requested by the prosecutor in the case, Alicia Ghione.

After confirmation by 31 legislators that, within the framework of a shower of criticism, they decided to remove the privileges of Penadés, at the request of Ghione, the former National Party legislator will be investigated by the Justice for a crime that contemplates sentences of between 2 and 12 years in prison.

As a first measure, the Prosecutor’s Office intends to ask the victims advance declaration, something that, according to Telemundo, was not possible to do until the violation was completed. Following this path, what is expected is that in the next few days a hearing will be set between the lawyers for the victims and the senator himself to agree on the questions.

Subsequently, if successful, the hearing could be held, preserving the identity of the victim through the Gesel Chamber. That would be the step that leads to the formalization of the investigation, before which three scenarios open with different resolution.

The first of them is that Penadés accept the crimes committed to obtain a reduced sentence, something that seems unlikely, since until now the senator denied the abuses. Another possibility is that the Prosecutor’s Office because the case is closed, understanding that there are no crimes; and a third is that it proceeds oral trial, It could take one to two years.

Why was the lawlessness important for the cause to advance?

Prosecutor Ghione had submitted the request for removal of immunity because, according to the National Constitution, “No senator or representative, from the day of his election to the day of his dismissal, may be accused criminally, not even for common crimes,” an article that seeks to prevent Justice from being used as a political tool in Uruguay.

However, the removal of privileges can happen when, as in this case, the prosecutor in charge of the case requests it. That was the path chosen, which concluded with Parliament approving it unanimously, after the approval of the Constitution and Legislation Commission, who previously conducted a study of the cause.

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