“DaVinci”: Rieder hospital receives a state-of-the-art robot system

“DaVinci”: Rieder hospital receives a state-of-the-art robot system
ÖVP State Health Officer Christine Haberlander, Governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) and Johann Minihuber, Managing Director of the Hospital of the Sisters of Charity in Ried
Image: State of Upper Austria/Max Mayrhofer

Those responsible at the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy in Ried are delighted with the approval of the state of Upper Austria for the new, ultra-modern facility “Da Vinci Operational Support System”. This is a milestone in the medical development of the hospital. The robotic system enables the surgeon to precisely control instruments. This improves the performance of minimally invasive procedures.

With “DaVinci” surgeons can perform a variety of procedures thanks to precise instrument guidance and 3D vision. The system’s robotic arms are equipped with specialized surgical instruments that are inserted into the body through small incisions. The surgeon sits at a console and controls the instruments with the utmost precision.

The system requires smaller incisions. This leads to less postoperative pain, smaller scars and faster recovery. The technology is used in various specialist areas such as urology, gynecology and surgery. Especially in urology, the robot-assisted system has established itself for many operations, especially in the oncological field, in order to be able to achieve an oncologically fair and functionally successful operation result. In addition, men, for example, can leave the hospital faster after prostate cancer surgery and return to work sooner.

The urological department of the Rieder Hospital provides the Innviertel with the entire urological spectrum. “We are very pleased that the state of Upper Austria has now approved the purchase of a surgical support system for our specialist hospital. The device will expand the existing experts of the surgical teams to the benefit of the patients, because flexible instruments enable even more precise working methods during operations”says Johann Minihuber, the managing director of the Ried hospital.

The robotic surgical device in Ried is the sixth of its kind in the Upper Austrian hospitals. “We want to further expand the top medical care in Upper Austria. We also spend a lot of money on this and invest in state-of-the-art surgical robots, for example. The money is well invested, namely in the health of our compatriots and to relieve the burden on the employees”says ÖVP Governor Thomas Stelzer.

“We aim to use medical progress in all areas. We don’t do this as an end in itself, but for the patients. This medical progress enables an increase in the quality of treatment and, as a result, makes work easier for doctors and nurses”says deputy governor and health officer Christine Haberlander (ÖVP).

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