The LASK amateurs’ dream of promotion to the second division lived for 14 minutes

The LASK amateurs’ dream of promotion to the second division lived for 14 minutes
Gabriel Zirngast (front) scored twice for LASK Amateure OÖ in Bad Gleichenberg.
Image: Scharinger

14 minutes (excluding the half-time break) the LASK Amateure OÖ had sailed on course for the second league, but then DSV Leoben, who were 0:1 behind (41st), prevailed and managed to climb up as regional league champions (alongside Stripfing and SW Bregenz). . The Upper Styrians beat the WAC amateurs after goals from Sabljo (55th), Eskinja (85th) and Lema (91st) 3: 1 (0: 1), while for LASK a 7: 3 (4: 1) -Success in Bad Gleichenberg was not enough. Leoben should have lost.

The black and white really let off steam in the last lap. They had promised a full attack and kept their word, even if it wasn’t enough in the end. Oberleitner (4th) and Siverio Toro (7th, 13th) shot out an early 3-0 lead. After Oberleitner (34th) had increased to 4:0, the hosts hit back and reduced the lead to 3:4 by the 62nd minute.

But the LASK amateurs were unimpressed and responded less than 60 seconds later with Siverio Toro’s third direct hit (63rd). As a result, Zirngast tied up a brace (73′, 87′).

Three relegated from the regional league

WSC/Hertha ended the season in third place, Gurten in fourth place after beating Weiz 3:1. The Junge Vikings from Ried (1-1 against St. Anna) came sixth, Vöcklamarkt (1-0 in Allerheiligen) reached the saving bank in eleventh place.

Because Upper Austria League Vice Champion SPG Wallern/St. Marienkirchen makes use of the right of promotion offered by the state association and climbs into the third division, three clubs instead of two have to be relegated. Treibach, Kalsdorf and SAK Klagenfurt are affected.

Key games for the LASK women’s team

Decisive days are also coming up for the LASK women’s team. Upper Austria League champions without losing a point, Upper Austria Ladies Cup winners – the players would only really celebrate if promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga was successful in the second relegation attempt.

In the three-man tournament on Sunday in the voestalpine stadium in Pasching, the Carinthian title holder Austria Klagenfurt is the first opponent (6 p.m.). A week later, the athletes are guests of the equally undefeated Styrian champions GAK (4 p.m.).

“The anticipation is great, we’ve been working towards these games all year,” said LASK midfield director Simone Krammer.

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