Mercado Libre registered 36 purchases per minute during Cyber ​​Monday

Mercado Libre registered 36 purchases per minute during Cyber ​​Monday

It reported a 20% increase in the units sold compared to 2022, with more than one million sessions per day in Uruguay.

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Free market closed a new edition of Cyber ​​Monday with an average of 36 purchases per minute, which represented an increase of 18% YoY if compared to the same period of 2022, according to data from the platform, which in turn reported an increase in sales.

Within the framework of a cyber monday in which about 1,800 vendors, total units sold was a twenty% higher than in 2022, with users who were able to turn to categories such as “Clothing and footwear”, “Jewelry and accessories”, “Technology”, “Toys”, “Home appliances”, “Beauty and perfumery”, “Travel and tourism”, ” Automobiles”, “Home and bricolage”, “Entertainment” and “Food and drinks”.

From Mercado Libre they also highlighted that more than a million sessions per day between Monday and Wednesday, where the most chosen items were linked to technology, household appliances, household items and different models of mushrooms.

As for consumers, the report indicated that about 100,000 people bought at least one product in the first three days of the week. In addition, among the categories that grew the most within the platform are auto parts, with an increase of 30%; toys, with a rise of 27%; and articles related to beauty, which experienced a rebound of 25%.

More than half of Uruguayans buy online

In parallel with what is happening in almost the entire world, digital consumption is also expanding in the country, where 54% of people regularly purchase products and services online, according to the latest report from Digital Consumption Trends of the Chamber of the Digital Economy of Uruguay (CEDU), carried out by the consultancy Cifra.

The study also investigated how many Uruguayans had turned to digital commerce and from there it emerged that 66% did it at some time, which is equivalent to two thirds of the total, much more than the 53% that had been registered in 2020. When delving into the consumption of each one, 31% said that they take the opportunity to place orders, while 25% use it to pay the different forms of transport.

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