More than 200 ads in police action against speeders and tuners in Wels

More than 200 ads in police action against speeders and tuners in Wels
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In the city of Wels and in the Wels-Land district, police officers carried out vehicle and speed checks at night.

A total of 36 vehicles were checked, 16 of which were immediately subjected to a technical inspection. Defects with imminent danger were found on four vehicles, and the license plates of these vehicles were removed on the spot. A total of 57 reports of technical defects were reported.

With a total of 5427 vehicles the speed was measured, 185 drivers were reported for exceeding the permissible driving speed. The top values ​​were 134 km/h instead of the permitted 70 km/h. A driver who had been driving a car under the influence of alcohol was also stopped. The alcohol test showed a value of 1.8 per thousand. The driver was forbidden to continue driving and his driving license was taken away.

The Wels police command issued 14 fines totaling 4,858 euros on site.

“Nothing justifies speeding excesses”

“These targeted and effective priority actions by the police are important for increasing safety on our roads. They are a thorn in the side of all those who have made dangerous and irregular structures on the vehicle or believe that they can abuse our roads as illegal racetracks,” said the State Councilor for Infrastructure, Günther Steinkellner, in a broadcast. The controls would not change directed against those who exercise their passion for their vehicles in a legal way, the state councilor continued: “But especially these speeding excesses cannot be justified by anything.”

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