Shots on the A1: wedding convoy triggered police action

Shots on the A1: wedding convoy triggered police action
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Heavily armed police officers were on duty at the Allhaming-Süd rest stop on Saturday, and the parking lot was blocked by Asfinag. What happened?

Several road users had reported that shots had been fired from cars on the West Autobahn. In fact, members of a wedding party had repeatedly fired alarm guns into the air both at the Lindach-Süd rest area near Laakirchen and during the journey in the convoy towards Linz.

Stopped in Allhaming

The ten vehicles that drove up the A1 near Regau at around 12:30 p.m. were stopped by the police in Allhaming, around 30 kilometers away. The Allhaming Süd rest area was closed for the duration of the operation. The officers found two firearms, two combat knives and a prohibited weapon in the vehicles.

For four of the suspects, the wedding party was over at this point, at least for the time being: a 27-year-old Ukrainian, a 36-year-old Austrian, a 31-year-old Russian and a 22-year-old Syrian, all from the Linz area, were taken to the highway police for questioning brought catfish.

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The provisional balance of the executive on Saturday evening read: 30 identity determinations, ten vehicle searches, five court reports, three identification services, pronouncement of four provisional weapon bans and numerous administrative reports are submitted to the responsible district authority.

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