More than 43,500 Uruguayans left the country, is it because of the U-20 World Cup final?

More than 43,500 Uruguayans left the country, is it because of the U-20 World Cup final?

In the last two days, people took the opportunity to travel to Argentina. Paysandú, the busiest border point.

A total of 43,533 people left the country in the last two days, according to data from the National Directorate of Migration, within the framework of the momentum and the “demand shock” that generated that the Uruguayan National Team have reached the end of Sub 20 world that is disputed in Argentina.

The match will be played this Sunday from 18 in the city of La Plata and the rival will be Italy, another selected with a long football tradition. That is why, despite the scarcity of tickets, the Uruguayans do not want to miss the opportunity and paysandu It was the most chosen border point to undertake the exodus.

According to data provided by the Uruguayan migration agencies and the neighboring country, as reported by Underlined, they were 11,645 the people who left through Paysandú, while behind them appeared Jump, with 8,239; and Cologne, with 7,910. further back they were Fray Bentos (6,682), Carrasco International Airport (4,444) and the Port of Montevideo (2,755).

In parallel, a total of 42,353 people entered the country in the same period. Of that total, there were 24,850 Uruguayans, 8,488 Brazilians, 6,160 Argentines, 461 Americans, and 455 Chileans. Regarding the places of entry, the main one was also Paysandú with 9,429 people, followed by Salto with 7,197, Fray Bentos with 6,640, Colonia with 5,941 and Carrasco International Airport with 4,871.

“Demand shock” in travel agencies due to the final of the U-20 World Cup

The movement at the border is not surprising, since the country’s travel agencies, which had already had a positive month, explained that there was a “demand shock” in the last hours bound for Argentina and thousands of families turning to see the defining match between Uruguay and Italy.

According to reports, the agencies handled packages with values ​​that ranged between 275 and 800 dollars per person. Some operators even admitted that it was difficult to respond to so many requests for tickets, hotels and trips. Other providers valued the fact that people who do not usually do so were mobilized, spending with credit card and up to four installments.

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