Yamandú Orsi added new support within the Broad Front

Yamandú Orsi added new support within the Broad Front

After a plenary session, the PAR, headed by deputy Cristina Lustemberg, supported the candidacy of the mayor of Canelones.


He Mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, received new support for his presidential candidacy within the Broad Front (FA), after the industry PAIR, referenced in the deputy Cristina Lustemberg, was inclined to support it due to its “plurality and diversity” to represent “the entire Uruguayan people.”

After a plenary session, the PAR space (Participate, Articulate, Redouble) explained that it “values ​​and respects” the other FA candidates, but favored the Canarian president. Thus, he chose him over the other candidates, as Senator Mario Bergara; and the mayors Carolina Cosse (Montevideo) and Andrés Lima (Salto), within the framework of the internal FA, the space that takes advantage in the polls for the 2024 elections in Uruguay.

When arguing in favor of the decision, from the PAR they specified that the objective is to “support and jointly build a candidacy as an expression and representation of the Broad Front, which can gather the broadest and most diverse political wills”.

Specifically, regarding the figure of the mayor of Canelones they pointed out: “We believe that Yamandú represents in his ideas and actions that plurality and diversity that we believe the Broad Front needs to represent all the Uruguayan people”. Along the same lines, they valued “his career as a teacher, as a colleague with important responsibilities for decades and as mayor of one of the most representative and complex territories of our country.”

Even from the PAR they valued that “this is added to the fact that it comes from a department that includes the sensitivities of the coast, of the metropolitan area and at the same time of rurality and the deepest interior”, while they insisted that it should “contribute to generating consensus with the entire political system.”


It is not the first endorsement that Orsi adds within the Broad Front

Another of the spaces that supported Orsi’s candidacy was Vertiente Artiguista (VA), the sector of the party president, Fernando Pereira, whose management resolved months ago to accompany the mayor of Canelones unanimously for considering it the “most appropriate” option of the Broad Front, affirming itself as the favorite candidate of the inmate.

At that time, they described him as “a comrade with an unequivocal Frente Amplio identity, unitary, with the ability to articulate,” while they stressed that he is “experienced and with strategic vision.” At the same time, Former President José “Pepe” Mujica He also showed gestures in favor of the president.

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