Senior couple prevailed against the pension insurance company

Senior couple prevailed against the pension insurance company
Chamber of Labor Gmunden
Photo: ak (free of charge) (Doris Himmelbauer)

For years, an elderly man from the district of Gmunden has been taking care of his now 84-year-old wife, who is suffering from dementia. She also suffers from chronic heart failure and epilepsy, but only received care level one until September of the previous year. He therefore applied to the Pensionsversicherungsanstalt (PVA) for an increase in the care allowance. However, despite the woman’s poor health, this only granted an increase in the level of care from one to two.

The caring husband did not agree with this. He turned to the Chamber of Labor (AK) Gmunden. She brought a lawsuit and a motion for reassessment in court, which the court approved.

Due to the reassessment, the person in need of care received the care allowance for level three retrospectively for four months and then the amount for level four. With the support of the AK, the woman receives 431 euros more care allowance per month. The chances of getting a place in a nursing home with professional care have also increased significantly as a result.

“It’s worth having the care allowance classification checked,” says AK President Andreas Stangl. “We often find that the classification is too low and the caregivers are missing out on significant sums of money that they urgently need for care. It pays to seek the advice of our experts.”

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