Are you traveling to Argentina? This is how you fill out the Customs form

Are you traveling to Argentina? This is how you fill out the Customs form

The long weekend for the 198th anniversary of the Declaration of Independencewhich is being held this Friday, will give Uruguayans the chance to make a getaway to rest and Argentina It stands as a destination that will capture thousands of tourists.

Already last weekend, the border with Argentina was once again the scene of kilometric lines of cars that wanted to cross the border crossings to make purchases in the neighboring country and thus take advantage of the price gap which is already 199%.

The Customs forms were one of the reasons for those long delays since there were people who did not have them pre-filled. This long weekend, Uruguayans who cross into the neighboring country must follow the same procedure.

How are the affidavits completed when crossing into Argentina?

Customs of Uruguay It requires documentation that varies depending on the person who is going to transport merchandise or carry out activities classified as tourism. For that, they must fill out an electronic affidavit and, in the case of not doing so, they must fill it out at the moment, which causes delays.

In the first case, people are allowed to transport 5 kilograms of varied merchandise per person every fortnight. On the other hand, the person must reside in the same border area. For the preparation of the affidavit, it is necessary to fill in the Identity Card (CI), the name, the date of birth, the customs office of entry – Fray Bentos, paysandu either Leap –, the modes of entry – transport company, private vehicle or without a vehicle – and the registration.

As for the case of tourists, those who are more than 24 hours outside the Uruguaythey have a franchise between 300 and 500 dollars per person, which enables them to transfer everything related to pleasure trips and that does not have the objective of being commercialized.

In this, you must also fill out an affidavit where you must fill in the CI number, name, date of birth, Entry Customs – Fray Bentos, Paysandú or Salto -, franchises – maritime entry route, which allows up to 500 dollars or terrestrial that allows up to 300 dollars –, the date of entry and the transport company.

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