How do you pay for the holiday for this Friday the 25th?

How do you pay for the holiday for this Friday the 25th?
August 24, 2023 – 13:02

This Friday the Declaration of Independence is commemorated and it is a non-working holiday. Find out how they should liquidate it.

Tomorrow in Uruguay the Declaration of Independence that it is a non-working and immovable holiday; Find out how this holiday is paid according to current legislation.

This Friday, August 25, commemorates the Declaration of Independence, which is 198 years old since its inception. That day, the House of Representatives, meeting in the Florida Congress, declared the independence of the former Eastern Province -today Eastern Republic of Uruguay-, and its subsequent union to the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata.

How do you pay for this holiday?

August 25 is a non-working holiday and that is why, like other holidays such as January 1, May 1, August 25 and December 25, “all workers will receive remuneration as if they were working; in If you work, you will receive double pay”, details Law 12,590 of 1958 that governs the non-working holidays In uruguay.

On working holidays, on the other hand, national legislation establishes that workers who receive their salary on a monthly basis will normally do so whether or not its activity is interrupted due to the festivity. Regarding day laborers, a common figure in the agricultural sector, they will receive the wage only in the case of working on a holiday, that is, Thursday or Friday.

How many holidays are left in Uruguay?

He rest of the holidays this year is completed with:

  • Monday October 16 (moved on October 12).
  • Thursday, November 2 (All Souls’ Day)
  • Monday December 25 (Christmas or Family Day, non-working).

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