Strengthening the BRICS is central to the Global South

Strengthening the BRICS is central to the Global South

After the announcement of the incorporation of Argentina to the BRICS, the Argentine ambassador in China, Sabino Vaca Narvajastressed that this fact is “key to building a more harmonious global order” and remarked that the “strengthening of BRICS It is central to the development of the countries of the Global South”.

Narvaja Cow made the statements this Thursday, during his participation in the 15th BRICS Summit that develops in Johannesburg (South Africa). The official echoed the measure, which has already been ratified by the presidents of the nations of the emerging countries forum.

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“Until the extension announced today, the BRICS represented almost a third of the world economy, almost half of the world’s population, 30% of the global territory and, in recent years, contributed to more than 50% of the growth of the world’s gross product,” he said. Sabino Vaca Narvaja.

In this line, the ambassador in China said that “if one sees the countries that are joining, such as Argentina, and the more than 40 that want to do so, this expanded group is going to become one of the most important spaces worldwide. Together we are going to represent the voice of emerging countries, which have historically been neglected in international organizations”.

BRICS: the potential that Argentina adds in energy matters

For Sabino Vaca Narvaja“he New BRICS Development Bank Expanded funds will become the most relevant instrument for changing the global financial architecture, so that it is oriented towards the productive system, and not the financial speculation system, and thus becomes the best way to generate well-being and prosperity in our peoples. The proposal to use their own currencies for investments and trade between their partners will play a determining role in the world economy, ”he explained.

The focus is on resources, especially those that provide energy: “We have great potential because we have strategic mineral and energy reserves, we are large food producers, we have enormously increased our technological capabilities and we have most of the world population,” he said.


Presidency of the Nation

“The strengthening of BRICS It is central to the development of the countries of the Global South. I believe that this space represents countries that have the same problems and the same needs, which is why it will be easier to work together to strengthen our development. We are really very happy that this process is accelerating, with the support of China and from all the countries of the BRICShe added Narvaja Cow.

Lastly, the Argentine ambassador to China remarked that “expanding this scope is key to building a more harmonious global order where cooperation replaces confrontation; productive development, to financial speculation; the principle of mutual respect, to unilateral interventionism; economic integration, instead of anachronistic sanctions; and the transfer of technology, in replacement of technological blockades”, among several special issues that open the game to more actors at the multilateral international level.

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