A Wels start-up for nursing staff

A Wels start-up for nursing staff
Jessica Maier (left), Christian Baumgartner, Paul Brandl and Brigitte Thomas

“Blistering” is the name given to the process of packing tablets in a clear plastic sleeve. A cooperation between the Wels University of Applied Sciences and the Wels-based company Medventuro now wants to individualize the packaging technology that has been common for decades for patients.

According to Medventuro Managing Director Christian Baumgartner, the aim is to relieve nursing staff in mobile care for the elderly and at the same time to increase drug safety and hygiene. With “individually blistered” medicines one is breaking “absolutely new territory”. The system would save nursing staff the sometimes arduous task of collecting tablets for several patients. A fully automated system compiles the required medicines and sorts them according to the day of the week and the time of day. The relevant information is then printed on the packaging.

Professor Paul Brandl and student Jessica Maier from the FH Wels are involved. They analyze the workflows of nursing staff in order to further optimize the processes. The next step is to test the system together with the Linz social welfare association.

Born in the ideas workshop

The project, which was created in the “UpdateSocial” ideas workshop at the JKU in cooperation with Volkshilfe Oberösterreich, is being funded with a grant of 5,000 euros. It was issued by the social department of the state of Upper Austria. According to state councilor Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (VP), such automation processes are an “important time saver” for nursing staff.

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