Air traffic controllers do not rule out resuming force measures after a court decision

Air traffic controllers do not rule out resuming force measures after a court decision
August 24, 2023 – 18:53

The Justice ruled on the amparo appeal against the essentiality of the sector and the union spoke out against the MDN.

The air traffic controllers They warned that they are in a position to resume forceful measures, after the Justice issued on the union’s amparo appeal against the decree of essentiality signed by the government to guarantee the flights at the beginning of August.

The warning comes at times where the uruguayans They go on a trip for the long weekend and, therefore, from the Ministry of National Defense (MDN) They indicated that after the judicial decision “the measure of essentiality remains firm” and indicated that “the Executive power He acted within the current legislation.

However, the Association of Air Traffic Controllers of Uruguay (Actau) issued a statement in which it stated that the ruling “determined that it is the Contentious-Administrative Court that must rule on the legality or not of the essentiality resolution issued by the MTSS and the MDN.”


“We are in a position to resume the measures,” Actau warned

The union stated that the Justice “He did not make any assessment on the merits of the matter”, for which, through social networks, they sentenced: “We are in a position to resume the measures.” The definition generates concern, since it occurs in parallel with the start of the long weekend due to the holiday of Independence Day.

Besides, Actau questioned Defending for “continuing on the path of misinformation” and assured that “they could not argue how a union measure to delay aircraft on the ground puts someone’s life at risk and therefore is reached by essentiality.”


For the Ministry of Defense, essentiality remained firm

From the mdn, did not hesitate to point out that “the Justice did not give rise to said proposal”, in reference to the request of the air traffic controllers, Therefore, they considered that “with this the measure of essentiality remains firm.”

For the wallet that leads Javier Garcia, “The court ruling states that the Executive power acted within the current legislation”. It is worth noting that the government had requested this figure for air traffic control when speaking of “serious distortive measures”, while the minister had considered that “good faith dialogue is not carried out with threats or fait accompli”.

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