Pereira admitted that the referendum against the social security reform is an electoral risk for the FA

Pereira admitted that the referendum against the social security reform is an electoral risk for the FA

The president of the Broad Front (FA), Fernando Pereira, considered that a plebiscite for the social security reform as the one who seeks to carry out the PIT-CNT “It is a risk” for 2024 —election year in Uruguay-, and that “you have to be careful with what you are going to put on the Constitution”. In this sense, he stressed that the proposal does not come from the leftist coalition but from the trade union center.

In the last few weeks there were several Frente Amplio leaders who distanced themselves from the decision of the PIT-CNT to pursue constitutional reform to repeal the social security reform promoted by the president Luis Lacalle Pou and approved in Parliament at the end of April this year. Now, the president of the opposition was in charge of making it clear that the initiative is the sole responsibility of the trade union center.

“It’s a fantasy FA-Pit. This (the plebiscite) is a pure and exclusive resolution of the union movement and from what I understand supported by fucvam. The FA still does not know the ballot and will resolve (its position) between now and November when it has all the information. The priority will be the election, ”he stressed, in dialogue with the program Who is Who of Diamante FM.

Likewise, Pereira considered that the path he would choose to deal with the problem of the pension system —while the party consensus indicates that it is not a good regulation— would be that of the law and not that of the Constitutional reformwhich “constitutes a lot of rigidity, and it is not known where the world of work”.

In addition, he pointed out that “a plebiscite is at risk, because a lot of confusion arises between voting for the party and voting for the ballot.” “In the mix many times you can neglect what is the number one point, which is try to recover the government and re-transform society, because we understand that this government has limited freedoms. If one is active in more than one cause at the same time, he has to divide the times, ”explained the FA leader.

The Cabildo Abierto plebiscite and the ghost of Javier Milei

Consulted by the board of firms promoted by Town meeting to achieve the plebiscite regarding a regulation for debtors, Pereira clarified that he is not in favor of the initiative, but that the broad front could accompany a bill about it at the parliamentary level.

“We want to prohibit the harassment that exists by some companies that are dedicated to collecting bad loans and that make life miserable for people, but there has to be a legal change. We are convinced that There are issues for the Constitution and others for the law. This is clearly a legal issue,” said the president of the FA.

Along these lines, he added that “if the objective is social, parameters of certain income must be set”; and assured that “It cannot be for any indebtedness, for any patrimony”.

About the election results Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primary (PASO) in Argentina —which continue to generate effects both in the economy of the neighboring country and, consequently, in the local economy—, Pereira considered that the winner javier milei has “antagonistic positions with freedom” and compared it with donald trump and Jair Bolsonaro.

“It is clear that a phenomenon like Milei’s should set off alarm bells, not only Uruguay, but of any country that believes that the democratic model is the best way to live together”, said the president of the FA.

Likewise, Pereira pointed out that it is “incomprehensible” that Milei militates against “the political caste, when her two political references come from the Argentine and Uruguayan political caste ”, also referring to the comments that the presidential candidate made in favor of Lacalle Pou.

If there is someone who comes from the political caste it is Luis Lacalle Pou. His great-grandfather was president, his father was president. At the founding of the republic there were ‘Herreras’. That is pure political caste. When Milei looks at Argentina, she looks at one of the main men of the Argentine political caste (referring to the former president Mauricio Macri), and when he looks at Uruguay look at the main representative of the Uruguayan caste”, added the Frente Amplista.

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