a kiss was interrupted by a drunk driver

a kiss was interrupted by a drunk driver
August 25, 2023 – 10:49

The woman and the man stop on the sidewalk and are hit by a runaway car. The driver of the vehicle was arrested.

in the district Round Capsouth of Saint Paul, Brazil, a couple who were walking their dog, in the vicinity of a service station, was hit by a car the moment they decided stop for a kiss. He fatal accident It happened on Sunday morning in the Comandante Santa Ana Avenue.

The victims were urgently transferred to the hospital, but the man, 31 years old, passed away shortly after entering because of the injuries.

His couplea 26-year-old woman, also was seriously injured in the accident and is currently being treated at the Campo Limpo Municipal Hospital. Although your life is out of dangeris in delicate condition due to injuries sustained in the impact.

The driver tested positive for breathalyzer

The driver, a 30-year-old man, was arrested at the scene of the accident by police officers. Military Police in flagrante delicto. According to statements by the authorities, he stated not remembering the events leading up to the incident. However, a breathalyzer test done yielded positive results.

The investigation of the case is in charge of the 47th Police District, and the authorities classified it as a case of “manslaughter and manslaughter”.

Source: Ambito

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