In addition to Trump, 19 others accused of electoral fraud in the US turned themselves in

In addition to Trump, 19 others accused of electoral fraud in the US turned themselves in

donald trump was arrested this Thursday in Georgia for accusations about electoral fraud in that State during the 2020 elections. With the, 19 other US officials implicated in the incident they turned themselves in to court.

The Fulton District Attorney Fani Willisset a time limit for the defendants to turn themselves in to the authorities: this Friday at noon, the 19 implicated in conspiring illegally to try to reverse the results of the presidential elections from Georgia in 2020 in the county jail, where they were all processed with fingerprints and mugshot.

Faced with the presence of protesters in Fulton due to the appearance of Donald Trump and his officials, the mayor, Patrick Labat, assured that “it will remain increased security at fulton county jail. Agents will also continue to ensure a safe space for protesters. However, anyone who violates the law will be arrested and face appropriate consequences.”

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How much bail did Trump pay to avoid going to jail?

However, the Republican leader agreed last Sunday to conditions that they allowed him to remain free despite his time in Fulton jail.

Through Social Truth, a network created by himself, donald trump confirmed the payment of a figure close to US$200,000 so as not to get stuck in the Georgia State:

“The failed Fulton County (Atlanta) prosecutor, fanny willishas insisted that I post $200,000 bail. I assume, therefore, that she thought I was a “flight” risk—she would fly away, perhaps to Russia, Russia, Russia, sharing a gold-domed suite with Vladimir, never to be seen or heard from again. Would I be able to take my very “discreet” plane with the gold TRUMP attached for all to see? Probably not, it would be much better to fly on a commercial flight, I’m sure no one would recognize me!”

In this way, the former president of the United States was recorded by the Georgira police with the impression of your fingerprints, the two classic photographs of the front and profile, the eye scan for biometric identification and delivery of certain personal data.

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