Kiss affair: Rubiales is still fighting – players are on strike

Kiss affair: Rubiales is still fighting – players are on strike
Spain’s federation president Luis Rubiales after the World Cup title

The “kiss affair” surrounding Spain’s association president Luis Rubiales continues. Spain’s federation president is under massive pressure after he spontaneously kissed player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth during the medal ceremony after winning the world title at the Women’s World Cup. The criticism is great, even the player herself has called for consequences. On Friday evening, the world champion team even announced a strike if Rubiales stays. Probably also because the association president presented himself as a victim at the general assembly on Friday, and the kiss with Hermoso was said to have been agreed.

“I will not resign, maybe they will find a way to depose me. Do I deserve to be chased like that for a kiss? I will fight to the end,” Rubiales said in his speech. Still, it’s only a matter of time before he leaves. Because the criticism became even stronger after the speech.

It’s probably also about financial aspects: The post of football association president in Spain is not honorary, but royally paid. Among other things, should Rubiales resign, he will automatically lose his place on the even better-paid UEFA Executive Committee, which is automatically linked to his national association role. The world football association FIFA has meanwhile initiated proceedings. After Rubiales had made fun of the criticism and critics in a first reaction, there was a late, half-hearted apology.

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