The Florida Refrigerator returned to work, awaiting authorization from China

The Florida Refrigerator returned to work, awaiting authorization from China
August 25, 2023 – 21:28

The plant operated with some 70 workers, while the MGAP negotiates with the government of the Asian country for an audit.

He Florida Refrigerator reopened its doors with reduced capacity, after last week’s postponement due to the lack of authorization from China, the main market for the plant, now acquired by the Lequio Group.

The company started working again with about 70 workers and the first job involved 42 head of cattle, according to Florida Diario. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MGAP) It continues with the negotiations with the Chinese government to advance with the operations.

On this point, the Minister fernando mattos expressed in a press conference that the refrigerator “is authorized by Uruguay, but there was a setback due to the requirement of China for alleged breaches by Clademar SA”, the former owner of the plant.

Mattos He stressed that “the plant is going to start activities in other markets” and he was hopeful that “little by little we are going to go back to normality, hopefully as soon as possible.”

What is missing for the full operation of the Florida Refrigerator?

The head of the MGAP referred to the request for China and clarified that the government of that country “required an audit” of the plant that operates the Lequio Group. However, he recalled that “since it was not in operation, it required normal operation and will be subjected to a virtual audit.”

In any case, he valued the role of the authorities of the plant, since at first it emerged that without the Chinese authorization the reopening was not viable.. “They promised to start the activities, because the last work dates back many years and it is a set of gears that has to be well oiled and the personnel trained to pass the audit,” he said. Mattos, who finally compared: “It’s like taking an exam and Uruguay and the Lequio Group have experience in the matter”.

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