Storm warning for Upper Austria

Storm warning for Upper Austria
From the afternoon storms and thunderstorms are expected, according to the weather experts.

At the front of a cold front, strong thunderstorms develop in the humid and highly unstable stratified air mass. In addition to local heavy rain and hail, the main dangers are gusty winds.

From when?

After a friendly and quite sunny weather phase, strong thunderstorm cells form from the late afternoon, which spread to Upper Austria from the west in an organized form after about 5 p.m., according to GeoSphere. The wind peaks occur over a wide area and cover the entire federal state from west to east by 9 p.m. at the latest. The rest of the night should be quiet.

affected areas

Orange warning:
The entire federal state is affected, and there is only a slightly lower risk in the inner-Alpine regions in southern Upper Austria. Widespread wind peaks between 70 and 100 km/h are to be expected, higher values ​​are also possible in certain areas. A spatial delimitation of the peak values ​​is not possible.
In zones with warning level “Orange”:
Impairments to the infrastructure (traffic, energy supply, telecommunications) are possible. Possible effects: Trees can break, roof tiles can come loose. Scaffolding, large items and objects can fall over. Here you can watch the approaching weather.

Rules of conduct and tips

Be sure to avoid forests, parks and avenues!
Avoid non-essential car trips!
Plan outages in road, rail and air traffic!
Do not park vehicles near trees!
Secure outdoor objects that can be moved in good time (e.g. party tents, trampolines or garden furniture), rotating parts represent a danger!
Close windows, doors and garage doors, skylights as well as roller and window shutters!
Avoid outdoor activities or break them off early!
Keep animals safe!
Expect heavy snow loads in the mountains!
Expect considerably higher storm peaks on the mountains!
Don’t stay in a tent or caravan!
Expect power supply and telecommunications failures!
Heed storm warnings at lakes!
Be sure to follow the instructions of the responsible authorities!

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