“The reviews suck and stress hosts”

“The reviews suck and stress hosts”
The trendier, newer and more perfect, the more often it is booked.
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Because ratings decide about weal or woe. Everything always has to be top, new and perfect. On top of that, margins of twelve to around 30 percent have to be given. The wider the range and the better the rating, the higher the offer is ranked. In Linz, Airbnb currently has 80 hosts, designated as private or commercial, for one night, whereby “Linz” here as far as Steyr and Wels. You can book from 32 euros in a simple room to 209 euros for a penthouse. Even a double bed in the mobile home (39 euros) is offered. In Gmunden there are 58 hits up to the distant Scharnstein with a log cabin (123 euros). In Bad Ischl there are 50 hits from Lenzing to Gosau, where that too “COOEE Hotel” uses the services of Airbnb.

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