Negotiations are advancing to try to comply with the demands of the Cabildo Abierto

Negotiations are advancing to try to comply with the demands of the Cabildo Abierto
August 27, 2023 – 10:05

The rebel coalition party threatened to vote against the bill in the Senate if its demands were not met.

Open Town Hall (CA) is again a problem for Multicolored Coalition, this time with regard to the debate and vote on the Bill of Accountability, which will define the budget for the last stage of the management of Luis Lacalle Pou as president of the Uruguay; that is why since Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) assured that they will intervene in the Committee on Budget and Finance of the Senate.

“See you in the Senate”said the president of Town meeting, the senator William Domenech, about the differences that, once again, alienate them from their coalition partners—and from government. On this occasion, the resources assigned to Military hospital and the salaries of the army personnel are the points of contention for the sector led by the senator Guido Manini Rioswhich revived the tension that is almost permanent between CA and the rest of the multicolored parties.

Domenech was referring to the agreement they reached so that the Accountability bill could pass the first parliamentary stage in the Senate with some speed, to move on to the debate in Deputies after the crosses between legislators that even led Manini Ríos to accept the possibility that lobbying ministers resign in exchange for not supporting the budget message submitted by the executive branch.

In exchange for their votes, the coalition rebel party managed to agree that their claims regarding the text of the Accountability —500 million pesos that are destined for military salaries and the Military Hospital—are dealt with in detail in the Upper House, during the second part of the debate.

Concern for resources

The claims of Town meeting they worry the nationalist sector that will depend on the resources available to be able to comply – or not – with the requests of the most rebellious sector of the Multicolored Coalition. In this sense, assured political sources, the MEF will go to the Committee on Budget and Finance of the Senate to discuss available resources.

The senator of National Party, Jorge Gandini, will be in charge of talking with the authorities of the economy portfolio to be able to negotiate and be aware of the extra resources that will serve to comply with the claims of the other parties in the coalition. This act corresponds to what was promised to Town meeting where they were not given assurances about the approval of their claims, but rather a predisposition to negotiate.

Source: Ambito

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