The INE will enable the digital Census for people who have not yet completed it

The INE will enable the digital Census for people who have not yet completed it
August 27, 2023 – 13:07

Households that do not complete the census, after all the instances provided, could be fined.

Photo: INE

He National Statistics Institute (INE) will re-enable this week the possibility of completing the online form of the 2023 Census because there are still people without a census, who could be fined if they did not complete the census.

This Tuesday the digital census will be enabled, according to the newspaper El País for those households that have not yet completed the form. According to the director of the INE, Diego Aboal, Census takers went through the same address up to five times without getting answers, so once again enabling the online census could make it easier for those people who were left out.

Aboal assured that they remain between two and three weeks to finish the procedure and that 1,650,000 addresses were covered compared to the 1,700,000 that exist. In this sense, the director of the INE assured that they are very close to the end of the process and that they are very close to meeting the objective.

Uruguay has less than 3.5 million inhabitants

According to Aboal, the preliminary data of the 2023 Census show a “small” population growth in the Uruguay. “It is probable that we will not reach the population projections that were made in the previous census,” which “indicated that we should already be more than 3.5 million,” said the director of the INE.

The last census, in 2011, recorded that in Uruguay about 3,286,314 people lived. On this occasion, the first data will be known in September, the detailed figures will be given during the first months of 2024, according to Telemundo. “The indications are that population growth, if it has existed, has been relatively small,” said the chief.

Participation in the 2023 Census is mandatory

It is worth noting that participation in the census is compulsory and citizens must provide the information requested by the INE.

Within the framework of Law No. 16,616 and Decree 244/02128, those who do not respond can receive a penalty fee between 20 UR ($31,720) and 50 UR ($79,302).

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