Hiking from the Kunsthalle to the very strange Zöhrerhaus

Hiking from the Kunsthalle to the very strange Zöhrerhaus
Angela Berger invites you to an artistic hike.
Image: Berger

A summer exhibition with new works by Angela Berger can be seen in the Kunsthalle Mühlviertel. From this cultural site in Aigen-Schlägl there is an idyllic hiking trail to the Zöhrerhaus in Unterneudorf. From the Kunsthalle walk in the direction of Stift Schlägl, past the brewery to the avenue in front of the train station. Now turn right along the avenue, after the railway platform you turn left. The contemplative Schlägler Rundweg now leads past the ponds to the earth pyramid, then right to the sign “Großer Mühltalweg”. Then turn left, cross a small stone bridge and keep left on the hiking trail until you reach the edge of the forest. Follow the supply road on the left, which leads past a single house, a few minutes’ walk further on the right-hand side you can already see the brightly colored sculptures around the Zöhrerhaus. The hike past magnificent natural tree monuments and between the Schlägler fish ponds offers a wonderful natural experience.

The Zöhrerhaus in Unterneudorf 10 is about a 40-minute walk away. Both the Kunsthalle and the Zöhrerhaus can be visited by appointment. A guided hike can also be arranged (Angela Berger 0664/1702964). The Zöhrerhaus itself is a wondrous world. As soon as you approach the house, you see the colorful, larger-than-life iron figures.

The southern facade of the house is impressive with its fired ceramic tiles. Inside the house, from the ground floor to the upper floor, you can immerse yourself in the artistic fantasy world of the artist Wolfgang Zöhrer.

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