Survey: “What is the opinion of the people of Linz on climate neutrality?”

Survey: “What is the opinion of the people of Linz on climate neutrality?”
The industrial city of Linz wants to become climate-neutral by 2040.
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Linz wants to be climate-neutral by 2040, and a climate-neutrality concept should help with this project. The subject areas covered range from transport, energy and housing to consumption and industry. Citizens’ opinions and future visions are also in demand.

These are to be obtained – in a first step – with an online survey. 13,000 people from Linz are invited to take part, the representative selection was made at random. The selected people should have already received all the mail, on August 23 the letters with the respective access codes were sent. You can take part in the survey until September 24, 2023; the results are expected to be presented at the end of October. All information is anonymised.

15 minutes are estimated

The focus of the questions is the “well-being of people and society”, which is to be reconciled with the urban vision of “climate-neutral industrial city Linz 2040”. The 17 goals for sustainable development adopted by the UN serve as a basis. Linz’s climate policy is just as much a topic as energy, mobility and transport, buildings and housing, as well as industry and consumption.

It takes around 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. There is also the option of registering for a citizens’ panel, in which scientists from the UniNEtZ project will answer the question “How can we live together in Linz in a climate-friendly and good way?” can be discussed and ideas can be worked on.

“Our city’s plan to become a climate-neutral industrial city is a task of the century, but there is no alternative. It is clear to me that such a transformation only works together. That’s why it was important to me to have a direct exchange with citizens,” says Mayor Klaus Luger (SP).

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