St Mark’s Square flooded in Venice

St Mark’s Square flooded in Venice
Record flood in November 2019

With this amount of water, St. Mark’s Square, one of the lowest points in the city, was partially flooded. Tourists snapped photos of the partially flooded square. St. Mark’s Basilica is protected from the water by a semi-movable barrier made of glass panels.

This August, St. Mark’s Square was flooded for the second time. However, the phenomenon of “acqua alta” (high water) in August is considered a rare phenomenon and is attributed by experts to climate change. The mobile dam system MOSE will be activated on Monday evening, as reported by local media. The MOSE will be put into operation when the forecast high water level is 130 centimetres. The flood protection gates were erected at three entrances to the port of the lagoon city in a construction project worth billions in the sea.

On the night of November 13, 2019, Venice was hit by a catastrophic tidal wave. The water – driven by the sirocco wind – rose to 187 centimeters above sea level. That was the highest level since the devastating flood of 1966, when 194 centimeters were reached.

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