Tennis is booming again thanks to Dominic Thiem

Tennis is booming again thanks to Dominic Thiem
Philip Badinger, mayor Lukas Kaltseis and Peter Zeilinger
Image: WTV

Thanks to the flagship Dominic Thiem, the tennis clubs in the country are experiencing an upswing. Tennis is becoming more of a popular sport again. This could also be experienced this year at the Wels City Tennis Championships, which were held on the WTV 1862 facility. The organizing team around Peter Zeilinger created perfect conditions for the athletes from all tennis clubs in Wels.

Lukas Kaltseis from WTV was crowned city champion for the first time in exciting matches. He is one of three new masters of the Wels gymnastics club. The association is also very involved in youth work and currently has around 200 members.

These are the other city champions: Niklas Stockenhuber (UTC, youth), Jürgen Ganster (UTC)/Thomas Hofer (ASKÖ) in double B, Paul Holzleitner (UTC, single B), Julian Rauscher (ESV, single C), Markus Kuenz (UTC, men 45), Franz Steiner (WTV, men 55) and Fritz Deinhammer (WTV, men 65).

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