All clear in Schärding: flood protection is dismantled

All clear in Schärding: flood protection is dismantled
The highest level was 682 centimeters on Tuesday morning. The water levels in Schärding are now falling steadily.
Image: Daniel Scharinger

Yesterday, Monday, the sirens wailed shortly before 9 p.m. in Schärding. A civil defense warning was triggered because of the heavy rain because the fire brigade expected the level limits to be exceeded during the night. A high of 750 centimeters was forecast. For comparison: In 2002, 878 centimeters were measured, in 2013 even 1057 centimeters of water depth. Luckily the situation didn’t deteriorate so dramatically during the night. The Inn reached its peak of 682 centimeters on Tuesday morning. Since then, the level has been falling again, which is why the flood protection devices are currently being dismantled again.

FF commander advises civil defense SMS

Markus Furtner, the commander of the FF Schärding in an interview with nachrichten.at: “We will dismantle everything today. Only the devices at the water tower will be dismantled until tomorrow.” He is currently on the road with around 40 men from the fire brigade and the building authority. In addition to the dismantling work, sludge is also removed. He advises his fellow citizens to join the Civil Defense SMS to register. “Then you always get the latest information,” says Schärding’s fire department commander. 500 Schärdingers are currently registered.

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