Switzerland went from the hottest day to heavy snowfall in record time

Switzerland went from the hottest day to heavy snowfall in record time
August 29, 2023 – 09:07

Climate change impacts temperatures in Europe and Switzerland is no exception. The experts assure that the climate will return to the usual values ​​for the season in which it is located.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) launched a climate alert before the heat wave that devastates a large part of Europe. Amid the growing concern, eyes turned to the situation of Swisswhere a new temperature recordregistering 31.2°C and a surprising and intense snowfall in less than a week.

He climate change advances by leaps and bounds, such is the case that the country notices a unusually cold summer. As indicated, in a period of four days the Swedish territory went from the hottest day to temperatures close to zero degrees, accompanied by snowfall up to 2,000 meters.

Snow in Switzerland.jpg

The alarming consequences of this extreme heat in the fragile glaciers in the region “is taking place before our eyes”, according to Swiss Radio Television (RTS), the public broadcaster. “The decline in the freezing level of glaciers and the disappearance of snow accelerated dramatically last year. Unfortunately, this new heat wave exacerbated that trend,” he adds.

The consequences of climate change in Switzerland

While the repercussions are strongly felt throughout the European continentespecially Switzerland has several areas under orange or red alert. This caused the 2,478-meter mountain pass at Nufenen, which links the Valais and Ticino Alps, which are in the south of the country, to be forced to close due to the amount of snow fallen, according to reports. through the Swiss medium.

Heavy snow in Switzerland.jpg

For its part, the local meteorological service published on its social networks images of the canton of Oberalp, which links Grisons with Uri, which was also covered in snow at altitudes below 2,000 meters.

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