Saxony: Half a ton of cocaine discovered in banana boxes

Saxony: Half a ton of cocaine discovered in banana boxes
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Several hundred kilograms of cocaine have been discovered in banana boxes in Saxony. More than 480 kilograms of the drug, each in packages of one kilogram, were confiscated in two companies specializing in the ripening of fruit, as the State Criminal Police Office announced on Tuesday in Dresden. The value of the cocaine corresponds to a mid double-digit million amount.

One of the companies called the police last Thursday because suspicious packages were seen on a pallet with crates of bananas. This triggered a multi-day large-scale operation by the police, federal police, the main customs office in Dresden and the customs investigation office in Dresden. A total of more than 280 kilograms of the drug were confiscated from a plant in Borna, south of Leipzig, and more than 200 kilograms from another recipient of bananas from this delivery. The evaluation was still ongoing. The public prosecutor’s office in Leipzig is investigating suspected illegal trade in narcotics in large quantities.

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