one dead and one arrested in a shooting

one dead and one arrested in a shooting
August 29, 2023 – 10:07

The suspect was arrested an hour and a half after the shooting was reported, on the sixth day of school.

A shooting occurred in the University of North Carolina (UCN), United States (USA)this Monday, when a Gunman unleashed hours of terror in Chapel Hill, a town northwest of Raleigh, the capital. By the fact, a faculty member was murdered with a firearm.

At 13:04 (US Eastern Time), UNC sent its students a alert by mail in which confirmed than a person “armed and dangerous” it was on the university campus, which is home to some 29,000 students. In the statement, people were asked seek refuge in classrooms, bedrooms, libraries, and offices.

He panic that lasted more than three hours, provoked moments of terror. In videos spread on social networks, it can be seen how some students jumped out of the window of the buildings to flee campus. While others left the classrooms with their backpacks on their backs and their arms raised so as not to appear a threat to the agents.

US college shooting.mp4

The suspect escaped but was apprehended.

After the detonations, the authorities started a large operation in search of the suspect identified as Tailei Qia foreign student from China who was in the second year of the PhD Physics. Police managed to stop itSome time later, in a residential area located three kilometers from the university.

This generation lives with the threat of a mass shooting every day. Half of young people say they think there will be a shooting every week”, the former congresswoman posted on Twitter Gabrielle Giffordsan activist for gun regulation.

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