Amid suspicions, Vladimir Putin will not attend Prigozhin’s funeral

Amid suspicions, Vladimir Putin will not attend Prigozhin’s funeral

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putindoes not plan to attend the funeral of the head of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhinwho died last week when the plane he was traveling in crashed in the north-west of Moscow.

“The presence of the president is not planned, we do not have specific information about the funerals,” said the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.

The spokesman added that until this morning neither date nor place for the funeral of Prigozhin.

“The decision in this regard is made by the relatives, we cannot say anything here without them,” he argued. peskovreported the news agency AFP.

On August 23, the Russian air transport agency, Rosaviatsiyacommunicated that Prigozhin was aboard the crashed private plane Embraer Legacywhich crashed in the province of Tver while I was going from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The apparent accident occurred exactly two months after Wagner led a mutiny against the military leadership of Moscowwhich unleashed a wave of speculation about the origin of the incident.

He Emergencies Ministry of Russia announced that the 10 passengers of the aircraft died, among whom was also Dmitry Utkinchief of operations of the paramilitary group and lieutenant of Prigozhin.


Suspicions about Putin for the death of Prigozhin

Governments opposed to the Russian president insinuated that the Kremlin could be behind the event, conjecturing about the conflict that this militia had with the Russian government, within the framework of the conflict with Ukraine.

putin strongly denied the accusations, which he described as “absolute lie”and promised a “full and complete” investigation into what happened, in his first public statement on the incident.

Last Sunday, the Russian Investigative Committee managed to establish the identities of the 10 fatalities in the plane crash, and they all correspond to the people indicated in the crew and passenger list.

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