10 Foreign Ministry emails referring to the Uruguayan drug trafficker were eliminated

10 Foreign Ministry emails referring to the Uruguayan drug trafficker were eliminated
August 29, 2023 – 11:42

During an administrative investigation by the Foreign Ministry, six messages were found sent in the box of the undersecretary to an external account.

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The story of the Uruguayan drug trafficker, Sebastian Marsetcontinues to add unusual chapters involving the Uruguayan government, and this time, they include the presence of 10 emails sent – and subsequently deleted – with reference to the offender and six messages destined for a Gmail account external to Chancellery.

Last year, the administrative investigation of the prosecution In the Foreign Ministry, it revealed that “no fault was found, neither related to the passport management procedure, nor in terms of the formal communications by which instructions were given.”

According to the document of Chancellery, “No exceptional treatment in passport management arises from the communications issued, remembering that the initial attention to the case arises from the fact that a Uruguayan citizen is deprived of liberty abroad.”

However, details of those documents have resurfaced specifying that they were found 10 emails sent from the mail of Chancellery with reference to marset and that they were eliminated from the inboxes by users of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which, until then, was led by the former vice-chancellor, Carolina Ache.

In this sense, the director of Information and Communications Technology provided the names of the officials who had access to the emails of Chancellery and specified that Ache was not one of them.

On the other hand, the IT director of Chancellery also reported that there are six messages sent from the mailbox of the undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to an external Gmail account from which you cannot access or determine who has access to it.

Sebastian Marset agreed to a Uruguayan passport in October 2021while he was imprisoned in a jail of dubai for having entered United Arab Emirates with false documents of Paraguayan nationality.

The scandal over the Uruguayan passport, managed urgently and which traveled in a diplomatic bag, broke out in August of last year and ended up bringing the chancellor, Francisco Bustillo, before the Parliamentwhere he was questioned and caused the resignation of the vice chancellor, Carolina Ache.

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