online sales increased 2.3% in the second quarter

online sales increased 2.3% in the second quarter
August 29, 2023 – 13:27

Although the trend of online sales participation fell from 36% to 28%, compared to the first quarter of the year.

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The selling trend eCommerce in it Uruguay suffered a drop of 8 points compared to the first quarter of this year, reaching a percentage of 28%, with the hotel, bookstores and clothing items being the most active, while there was an increase in online sales of 2.3% year-on-year.

The Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay published its quarterly report based on surveys of the commerce sector, where an eight-point drop compared to online sales activity this second quarter stands out, achieving an activity of 28% compared to 36% in the first quarter.

Among the items that stand out the most in terms of online sales presence is, first of all, the hotelier with figures of 79%, is followed by bookstore itemía with increases 56%, and that of clothing with 53%. Regarding the sales channels, the most chosen are the websites – with 23% of the total –, Free market with 17% and social networks, in third place, with 9%.

On the other hand, the greatest tendency to have access online is observed among the service companies with 59%, while companies dedicated to non-durable products They were the ones that presented the lowest figures, with 16%.

Among the companies that have online sales channels, established an average of 22% sales increase during the second quarter of the year. On the other hand, there was an increase in YoY salesl of 2.3% this second quarter of the year, although they showed a slowdown compared to the previous quarter.

A consumption that is increasing

According to the report of “Digital consumption trends” made by the consultant Figure for CEDU, the 54% of Uruguayans make their purchases of products or services, while 31% use it for food orders and 25% for transportation. Regarding its evolution, since 2020, which began with a percentage of 53% of purchases made online, that number rose this year to 66%.

In this sense, in the last twelve months 71% of Uruguayans admitted having bought online at least once. Of this total purchases, 47% used credit cards, 19% debit cards, 14% collection networks and 9% made cash payments on delivery.

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